Thursday, March 31, 2005

The right and the left

The semester break is soon approaching and as usual I will be going back to my hometown. Being home is always great. No need to worry where to eat (lunch and dinner is always on time ^_^), my comfortable bed, my wonderful parents, my room, my Kyoko Fukada posters, hanging out with me "brothers" (my close friends) and many more. What's so wonderful about being at home to me is debating with my father. Yup, you heard it correctly, DEBATE WITH MY DAD. What do we debate on? Nearly everything. From politics, religion, life and almost anything "debatable".

My home is like the U.S Congress (its like the Parliament) where it consists of the liberal (left-wing) (me) and the conservative (right-wing) (my dad). Here's the lowdown on our differences:

In politics, my dad is a hardcore Mahathir supporter. A loyal supporter to the Barisan Nasional and is always defensive of its policies and always criticise the opposition parties. For me I believe in a balance in power so that power will not corrupt if too much power is given to a particular party. I support good government policies and criticise the bad. I do not support any political party and the closest I get to supporting is the rocket.

Religion-wise, my dad is a devout follower of the Roman Catholic faith. Follow without a question of what the Vatican wants. Truly believe in the Vatican and its doctrines. He condemns Protestants and labeled their teachings as faulty and not cannot be consider true Christians. For me, I believe in the Roman Catholic faith as well but unlike my dad I am always full of questions of its teachings. Unlike most Catholics out there, I tend to dig up on the history of my faith which sometimes lead me to believe that some of the teachings is there to secure the power of the Vatican instead of true religious purposes. I embrace my Protestants brothers and sisters and never afraid to discuss or debate Christianity with them. I also tend to read and discuss about other religions.

When it comes to education, my dad like most of the "educated Chinese uncles", strongly believe that a good education will lead to a better life. He believes if you have good education you will find a good job in the future. What about me? I am a rebel of that idea. I believe that having a good education doesn't mean you might get a good job because nowadays you see lots of first-class students jobless. I believe that a degree can't prove shit it is the practical stuffs that can take us places. Getting a good job does not convince me because I want to be an employer not an employee in the future ^_^

That's about all the most frequent debated topics we debate about at home. I guess the won't be any silence in the house for the coming two months ^_^

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