Monday, March 21, 2005

Memories: Gaming

Starting from today I am going to have a column called "Memories" which I will write all the memorable stuffs I had during something eg. Gaming, Sports, Movies and etc. For the very first segment of "Memories" I will write about my video gaming moments.

Best Game Ever Played - Final Fantasy VII
Like I had mention before this is the first console RPG ever played which is the most memorable. It consists of a great story, a likeable casts of supporting characters, good character development, great graphics (during that time of course) and tons of memorable events.

Saddest Moment While Playing a Game - Aeris Death
Trust me, I nearly cried. She's my most favourite female character to date. When she died during the end of disc one (total of three disc) I nearly heard my heart break. Never had I grew so attach to a game character (what's more she looks like someone straight out of a LEGO set during gameplay and cartoonish during cutscenes). I am sure there are lots of people like me. Two more sad moments that I had encountered during gaming sessions are the revealing of The Boss true mission in Metal Gear 3 and the death of **SPOILERS ALERT** Chopper in Ace Combat 5. But none of the two come close to what Squaresoft (now Square Enix) had did to me :-D

Best Story in a Game - Xenogears
To some gamers the story of Xenogears is draggy. Some said they don't understand what it is actually trying to say. To me its the best story I had ever seen. It contains lots of religious elements in it. The story is hardly predictable. You never know what will happen until it really happen. Too bad the graphics suck and the gameplay is mediocre.

Biggest Letdown in a Game - Final Fantasy VIII
Despite having one of the greatest graphics the Playstation can handle and two of the most popular video game character ever, it suck. True it is not bad compared to other games, but it definitely is a big disappointment to those who had played the much more superior FF7.

Funniest Moment in a Game - "Give me the keys" cutscene from the Lucasart's game Armed and Dangerous
I had never laughed so hard playing a game before PERIOD.

Most Addictive Game - Championship Manager series
Refusing to sleep, refusing to leave the computer screen, neglecting homework, ignoring your friends and getting fustrated everytime your team loses no matter how many times you reset it, that is how addictive the Championship Manager series is. There should be a warning lable in front of the CD cover.

Most Frightening Moment in a Game - Every single second playing Fatal Frame 2
Just 20 minutes into the game and I am scared stiff. All I can say is that I am frightened every single second playing that game.

Most Fustrating Moment in a Game - License Exams in all Grand Turismo series
The game is so realistic that each wrong timing will make you blow your test. Sometimes it is so fustrating that you want to break the disc into a million pieces. Maybe I suck at racing games.

Sickest Moment in a Game - Killing someone with a plastic bag in Manhunt
Manhunt is the sickest game I had ever played. There is so many killing methods you can apply on your enemies but the plastic bag is definitely the worse.

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