Friday, March 04, 2005


Seems to me that my bad luck just don't seem to run out. Yes you read it correct, bad luck not good. Everyday there will be some bad luck lurking round the corner. Just last week I fall down from my bicycle, saw HER when I could have easily avoided it if my housemate chose the other route to walk instead of through the FIST building (I prefer to fall down my bicycle ten times than to see her face!! Who is this f'ed up girl? Check my intro and you might end up with a clue or two.), got caught signing the attendance for my housemate and fail 2 mid-term tests.

Just last week I found out there are two lumps on the right side of my neck. Hopefully none of the lumps have potential to be cancerous >_<. I also found that my back is getting worse and worse. I can't sit for too long or it will ache. As for my throat, it seems that it won't heal no matter how regularly I take my medicine.

Just yesterday, my friends told me that I look pale and very unhealthy. Then after looking in the mirror only I realise that I indeed look unhealthy. Sigh~ I wonder WTF had happened to me.

Hopefully by the time I finish surviving these neverending string of bad luck, something good will come along the way.


ur friend who cares~guess who? said...

wah~ u really hav much bad luck lately eh! Didn't see u for long dy, how's ya? Won't noe wat's goin on 'bout u lately if i dun Ge-Poh n read ur blog. Jz take care of urself la...dun alwayz stay too late n sleep for a few hours onli.It's not suprising u're not healthy if u still havin this kinda routine in ur life. Anyway,take care la~ Gambade in ur studies...may GOD bless ya!

Justin Tan said...

Thanks! Wow, a friend who cares about me hehe. Mind telling who are you because really cannot guess wor.. :-P

Wow, finally a comment in my blog. There is someone reading my blog after all hehehehe.