Friday, March 18, 2005

Thanks guys!

I would like to take this oppoturnity to thank everyone involve in the drama titled "Qin" (loosely translated as love or in this case family love in mandarin). The first person that I would like to thank is none other than Bryan. You are the real director, not me, I only supervise and gave a few opinions while you are the one directing and put everyone together. Thank you.

Next I would like to thank Jia Feng for translating the script (Sorry that I can't write it in mandarin), Siaw Yin for the excellent acting as a grandmother, Wan Yin, Elson (spelling?) you two did an impressive job and exceeded my expectations, Raymond for the breakdance and also doing a great job being the robber and Vinci (pai seh dunno how to spell your name).

Special thanks to the two girls (sorry I do not know their name) for always be there to look at our drama.

Overall I am very happy and satisfied with the outcome. You all had acted out exactly what I wanted. I really can't thank all of you enough. Thanks again. Hopefully in the future we all can still work together and also hopefully next time we will get more "air time".

P.S : Last but not least I also wanted to give my thanks to Vian for listening to my problems when I nearly take back the script. Thanks for listening and support. He he... sorry forgot to thank you just now hehehe...


ViaN said...

wah~~ u this ppl...!!! only thanks the person who involved the drama..!!! don't need thanks audience!! I sacrifice my precious time went to support YOU all, but.... haihz.....SUAN~~~~

Bryan Hoo said...

aiyoo... make me feel bit bu hao yi shi la.. u r the director la.. not me la.. dun hav ur direct n ur sript we wont success at all. thanks alots to you too... Hope we can still work 2gther next time... =)

for vian: eh, popo u really come to support us 1 meh huh?! ;P