Saturday, March 19, 2005

Things that you can see only in Malaysian roads

  1. We can make a 3 lane road into 5 lanes.

  2. In Malaysia the zebra crossing is non-existant even to the police.

  3. In Malaysia yellow lights mean ACCELERATE while red lights means ACCELERATE MORE. Green means STOP because if you don't, you might knock the car coming from the opposite direction.

  4. Being a government official can allow you to break every single traffic law and yet still come late for a function you are suppose to attend.

  5. Accidents causes traffic jams not because of the cars involved obstruct the traffic but instead passerbys slowing down their cars to watch what happened. Some might even stop their cars in the middle of the road to join in the argument (or jot down the car numbers to try their luck in their "weekly investment" at the lottery shop).

  6. Only in Malaysia can you see a family of five sometimes six if the mother is pregnant all on ONE motorcycle with no helmets on.

  7. Cars that sounded like it can break the sound barier but in reality it can only go up to 120km/h max.

  8. Cars below 900cc bearing the Ferrari logo.

  9. The standard price for the police to turn a blind eye on your traffic offenses is RM50. You might get a discount if you do not bring enough money.

  10. Signboards are always placed behind a tree while advertisment billboards can be seen a kilometre away.

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