Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Zebra Crossings and Malaysian Drivers

Just one week ago the government finally painted a zebra crossing on the main road in front of Emerald Park. I was kinda happy then since the government finally realise that the road is very dangerous. What made me even more happier is the removal of a small portion of the barrier allowing us pedestrians and cyclist to cut through the playground to the main road instead of taking one big round to get there.

After they completed the zebra crossing I realise something. Suddenly my joy seems shortlived. I completely forgotten that MALAYSIAN DRIVERS DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ZEBRA CROSSINGS!!! Its like the zebra crossing is totally non-existant. They won't slow down and let the pedestrians cross the road. NO~ being Malaysian drivers, they will just speed up when they see the zebra crossing hoping that the pedestrians will not have a chance to cross the road, if they did slow down and let the pedestrians to cross the drivers behind them will hurl insults at them (in the privacy of their own cars of course).

Oh well, that's Malaysian drivers for you. See how unique we are from foreigners. No wonder we are all thought how unique Malaysian culture is during our time in government schools.

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