Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Dammit! I am damn pissed off now. Just last week a friend of mine, which was an organising committee of an event, asks me to help him write a script for a 30 minute sketch which will be shown in an event. I was overjoy, since I love writing scripts, the longer the better, so I willingly volunteer. Working on that script is not easy because I am trying to push myself to the max. Before that I use to write scripts for no-brainer comedy sketches. So this time I decided to do something meaningful and serious.

So I begin drafting a concept in my brain. The first story I created was kind of dark. It involve suicide and rebeling against ones parents. It took me a one or two hours to finish writing the draft on paper. After finishing the draft I send to my friend. It was later rejected because it does not fulfil the theme of that event which I understand because my script is kind of extreme.

After that I immediately work on another script. Working on the 2nd one is very hard because all of my creative juices on the first one. So I started to think. Finding inspirations after inspirations with games and animes. After nearly 1 and a half day of deep though I finally found an inspiration through one of my favourite action games of all time, Prince of Persia : Warrior Within. This script will involve a little of time travel. I had drawn many possible concepts but were scratched because most of them are too long. After finding the suitable concepts I immediately pen it down on paper.

Just thinking about the concept and penning the whole thing down is two different thing. Penning down I have to think of the dialogues spoken by every character. So I spend another 2 days writing the complete scripts. For most of the time I would just stare blankly in front of the computer screen. After nearly 3 days I finally finished half of the script. So I decided to let my friend have a look at it first. So I send him "part one" of my script. After another 12 hour, I finally finish the whole script and immediately send it to him. After a discussion with the committees he said it is approved. I was of course happy, because this is the hardest script I ever come across. What's the story about you say? The story have a little time travel elements and the main plot is all about the importance of family love.

After the script is approved I ask my friend to let me meet the would-be appointed director and actors of the script. So he say no problem. After a few days he told me who the director is and asked me to contact him. When I was about to contact him, another friend of mine, lets call him J, (which i presume had taken over the directors chair) contacted me and asked me to meet him at 8pm today to discuss the script.

So during 8pm today, I went for the meeting. To my surprise he had asked another guy he brought along and me to take charge of the meeting. What pisses off is he didn't even read a single line of my script and he started to talk about the script as if read it a 100 times. What even pisses me off is when my J said he wanted to do a video instead of acting it live on stage. The guy he brought with him said that my script is hard to do it on video and shit like that and before you know it he said he will do another script and if it got approved they will use the new one instead. Out of a sudden my script which is approved by the committees is thrown aside.

Fuck! Out of a sudden the people who take no part in the creative process are trying to take full creative control. Worse still, they are yet to READ MY SCRIPT while the guy who is suppose to be the director is the only one among them to had read it. I am fuckin' pissed off now~

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