Thursday, March 24, 2005

Chain Mails >_<

Ok people let's be honest here, how many of you believe in Chain Mails. You know those annoying mails, messages that ask you to pass to many people as possible so that you will get good luck and if you didn't pass around you might get bad luck, haunted by a ghost or **insert family members here** will die in an hour. Come on people, don't tell me you guys actually believe in such childish thing? I mean getting those mail/messages is freakin' annoying enough but getting the same annoying messages/mail over and over again just piss me off.Do you actually think that you will get good luck if you pass it around? How many of you actually experienced it? How many of you had seen your friends drop dead just because you did not pass a digital message?

Its just plain childish for University students to believe that a simple digital message/mail can boost your luck. Maybe they had watch too much Japanese and Korean horror flicks to believe that digital messages can actually cause death and bad luck >_<. Do you think that it is real? Some chain mails are even stupider, it will tell you to pass this on to as many people as possible to avoid deletion of you e-mail account or the most recent your Friendster account. This had also for time and time again been reported as FALSE by those companies in their OFFICIAL STATEMENTS and NEWSPAPER REPORTS. For those ignorant people, each e-mail service provider or any service provider have their own terms and condition and they will not simply delete people's account for such stupid reasons. So please go read the TOS each time you register an account for any website. So people, I urge you not to be so ignorant and please use your common sense each time you have the urge to send a chain mail!

Here are a few popular chain messages which had been circulating furiously in my Yahoo! Messenger and Friendster Bulletin Board.

Message: hahahaha You've opened it! Good Luck,
You have
just been DEATHWISHED. Tonight at midnight
your true love will realize they love you.
Something good will happen to you at 1:00-4:00 pm
tomorrow, it could be anywere. Get ready for the
biggest shock in your life. if you break this chain u
will be cursed with relationship problems for the
next 10yrs. post this within 15 min

My love life had been bad enough and seeing these type of messages just piss me off badly >_<
A simple forward this mail to other will be a meritorious deed, and it doesn't waste much of your time. Thank you for doing that in advance. **insert a random name** : Tel : **insert random number here**, Fax : **insert random fax number here**. Please forward to the person who has AB blood type of bone marrow and hope everybody will forward the mail to your friends so that they can have the opportunity to find the "right person" to help. We anxiously need a AB blood type of person to donate his/her bone marrow,and although it only have very little chance to match, but we still have hope for it. Because of your loving kindness to pass the mail along, she may stand a chance to recover. So, please put a little effort, the little girl may have chance to live because of you.

Don't you think it is kinda suspicious that nearly ALL of the victim's bloodtype is AB and nearly all of them are either in need of a bone marrow or they have blood cancer? Go figure!

send tHis on to at least 10 contacts in 10 Mins as a sign of respect for the tSUnaMi in asia if you break tHis cHain a Boy that died in the accident will stand in your room tonight at Midnight. No send backs. sorry

I did not send the message when I got this message 1 month ago and I am still pretty much alive and kicking.

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ViaN said...

wahaha..!!! Justin...!! totally agree what you said..!!! cause I never care those chain mails and never forward to my friend..!! as what you said... ignorant!! how come got people will believe....!! my god..!!