Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sore loser....

Don't you just hate it when people accuse you of cheating when you are winning them at something? I just played one of the most fustrating game of chess ever in my entire life just now in Yahoo! Games. Here's a compilation of screenshots taken while I was playing that game. (Note: My nick is squallg_99).

Image hosted by

First he accused me of using software while playing with him. He later threaten to report me to Yahoo! which I ask him to go ahead since he have no proof what so ever. When he see there is no sign of me leaving he threaten to not move. Fortunately for his stupidity, he did not know there is a 10 minutes per move rule in Yahoo!. Which means, if you do not move within 10 minutes you lose.

Here's a screenshot on how I totally pwned that kid. (pwned = owned)

Image hosted by

Sigh~ that's what happen when you let immature people use the internet.

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