Sunday, March 06, 2005

Down With Religious Spam!!!!

Just when you think spam is annoying,wait til' you start recieving RELIGIOUS SPAM. Nowadays I have been recieving neverending spams by someone name James Lau. Those spam I get are titled "How to contain your anger", "Know yourself" or some other shit that sounds religious. When you open the mail it is usually message about loving Jesus, don't anger God and stuff like that. No, I am not against religion. Heck, I am a Christian, Roman Catholic to be precise and I believe in God and the Creation theory. What annoys me is how such spams disguised themselves as harmless religious messages. Hell knows, what will happen when you click their links and try to unsuscribe them by sending an e-mail to them. I tried to block them but each time I block them, it sends me spam using another e-mail account.

Gone were the days of "Enlarge You Penis by 6-inches" or "Cum See Me Tonight" porn spams. I don't even recieve those "Click to win a million dollars" spams anymore. All I recieve are just religious spams. It seems that spammers will do anything to make you click on their links. Don't those spammers just quit it? No matter what your title is, may it be asking me to enlarge my family heirloom, which is very large so there is no need for any enlargement, or may it be some female name asking me to lay her tonight, or telling me that I had won a million dollars or telling me that God loves me (as if I don't know!), I am not that stupid to click on your links so stop wasting my email space!!!

Want an example on religious spams? Here are 2 of them here and here.

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Chrono said...

U are so lucky.