Sunday, March 13, 2005

Say no to spyware! Say yes to Firefox!

Ok people, today I am here to share with all of you an experiece. It's called the Firefox experience. For those who is still living under the IT shell and do not know what one earth it is let yours truly fill you in. Firefox is a free internet browser by Mozilla. It's totally free with no strings attached. Heck, its an open source software meaning those who are skilled in programming can alter the browser to their own liking. Maybe most of you had heard of it on the net, in the newspapers or maybe from friends who had just "converted" from Internet Explorer. Maybe most of you guys doubted about this web browser or had never heard of it or worse lazy to download it. If that's the case people, you had missed out a lot.

First of all the Firefox is a powerful browser. It's one of the fastest browser out there. Meaning, it loads website faster and more efficient than its M$ counterpart by the name of IE. Another great feature I come to love is the tab browsing which I abuse often :-D. What is tab browsing? Here's a screenshot about it. Try to notice the marker I'd made. With tab browsing you can browse as many sites you want all under one window. Unlike IE whenever you want to do "multi-browsing" you have to open a new window which will flood your taskbar like this.

Ok maybe you guys are still not impress by Firefox's functions. I am going to tell you the most powerful function of them all. It is very secure. It block most of the spyware and viruses out there. The security is a hundred times better than IE's. What's more, there is a pop-up blocker that comes with Firefox unlike IE where you have to get it from other softwares such as MSN or Yahoo!.

If you want to know more about Firefox's features you can always go to it's site here. While you are there, why not try downloading it? I can assure you that you won't use IE ever again without having some withdrawal symptoms.


Anonymous said...

i was about to agree until i almost couldn't manage my bookmarks. nor can i import chinese titled bookmarks. firefox doesn't rock. and how the hell do u make open new window INTO open new tabs? i can't find tat option........ >_<


ps, link me back.

Justin Tan said...

To use multi tab, click the scroll button on top of a link or you can always click on File and choose New Tab.

I deleted the old link because the old blog is down... Sorry~

The only main problem is the chinese character thing. Then again, I can't read chinese so... Who cares right? Hehehe

Justin Tan said...

Oh yeah, there is a managing bookmark section under Bookmark.

Anonymous said...

It's function is almost the same as Crazy Browser (a free version is enuff for the usage). It's stop spyware & block those damn frustrating popups.
It has these multi tabs too. =)
Cool feature huh?
It won't jammed ur taskbar.
ooOOoo... i'm a CB (crazy browser) supporter. try it.

Justin Tan said...

crazy browser? there's no spyware attached to it like opera rite?

Anonymous said...

hi. i'm the 2nd Anonymous. Yupers~ No spyware attached. And it'll juz blocks every annoying popups.
Sorry for the mistake at your tagboard.