Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hurrah for the Police!

The Malaysian Police Force is a very interesting species. Each time when there's a report on the skyrocketing crimerates in the country, the police chief will always comment that they are "too understaff" to be effective and yet each time during festive seasons you can spot them camping at nearly every single major traffic lights in the whole country waiting for the "next big fish" to come swimming into their trap. Its like suddenly there seems to be a surge in the police efficiency. Can someone tell me why are blue uniformed policeman camping near traffic lights instead of patrolling residential areas where it is prone to break-ins?

Don't you just love festive seasons in Malaysia? Its a time where the rakyat have to worry of getting rob by both cops and crooks.

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Nizam said...

some more, they also busy be the 'participant' for people-right-demonstration. they also malaysian right, need to involve in demo also~