Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ahh... Why not ban foreign films as well?

As if blaming Singapore for the floods is not enough, our government had to go for double kill today by saying that they want to start banning ads that feature models with "Pan-Asian" looks. How about models with mixed parentage? Will they be ban from TV too? Or a pure Malaysian who happens to look "Pan-Asian"? Here's my favourite part:

“RTM has long imposed the ban on foreign culture in ads on local television to allow some leeway for our local advertising agencies.”

Well why not ban ALL foreign cultures on TV and cinemas too? I mean if a 30 seconds ad can bring foreign culture into this country, what would a 2 hour movie do to us? Convert all into Americans?

Well I have a great suggestion for you Zam. Why not we emulate North Korea by banning all "foreign elements" from local TV stations, destroy the MEASAT, shutdown Astro, disconnect all of us from the internet and only allow local calls? That would be a great idea. I mean we don't want some American to "poison" our mind while we you are the Minister of Information don't you?

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Anucia said...

yeah..and the people in these 'local' ads should only wear sarong and batik...coz anything else is foreign...
what a bunch of lamers la!