Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ah.. Now it's the babies' fault?

I love being in my country because whatever we do its always not our fault. When the flood happened last month its not our fault because we do not have proper drainage system. It is not our fault when the flood response is chaotic at best. Nope that's not our fault it's Singapore's. When there's social issues like rape, robbery and murder happening in Malaysia it's not our fault. Yeah, it's the foreign workers (when most of the major crimes are committed by Malaysians)! When "local models" are not shown in ads and billboards its not their fault because they do not have the broad appeal, it's the Pan-Asian models.

To add in to the list of our truly Malaysian (something Zam should be proud off since it is not Pan-Asian), it's now the babies' fault. Yes, when a man married a foreign wife and later found out their marriage is not legal... their babies might get deported back to his/her mother's land of origin. So it's now the babies fault that their parents are not legally married? So is it the babies' fault that his/her dad deposited his sperm in his/her mother's "cockpit"? What are the deported babies going to do once they are back home? Find a job?

Yet whenever we declared something outrageous and stupid like that, we say out proudly as if that is the definite solution to the whole equation. God, I love Malaysia. We might be the only country in the World to be proud of our own stupidity.

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Anonymous said...

~~~~~:D LOL it's the babies' fault....i love how they pass the buck to the defenceless...