Thursday, October 20, 2005

What Marvel vs EA should look like

EA had recently released a game title Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. The game is actually about Marvel Superheroes/villians vs EA created characters (since EA do not have "superheroes" unlike Capcom). So basically it is Marvel vs EA. Still I think this is what the real Marvel vs EA should look like (using EA's own roster).

Iron Man vs Tiger Woods - its millionaire vs millionaire with Tony Stark's iron armor vs Woods' Iron

Captain America vs an army of Chinese soldiers from Battlefield 2 - Its the no.1 American patriotic Superhero vs an army of patriotic Chinese soldiers. Its one superhero vs an army of gun-wielding normal human beings

The Thing vs Nissan Skyline (from Need for Speed Underground series) - Its muscle man vs muscle car.

Magneto vs Gandalf (EA own rights to LOTR ) - Sir Ian McAllen vs himself in this mutant powers vs wizardry battle.


Vijay Anand said...

Thats pretty interesting. Are you serious about it though?

Justin Tan said...

Nah its just a parody on the EA vs Marvel thing. The Marvel Nemesis: The Rise of the Imperfects is a real game though. With the Imperfects being EA created kinda supervillians. That game was just released.