Sunday, October 16, 2005

Health problems...

I am currently being plague by two serious problems. The first one is my over sensitive nose since birth and the other is my bad back which started since last year due to late night sleep and stuff like that. Well I had enough of all this.

First my nose is getting from bad to worse. It is getting more and more itchy these days and most of the time it is so itchy that I have to scratch it til' it bleeds. Ever since I am young I had been tortured by my nose, its like I have lost the ability to smell. I can't smell anything that have a very weak scent. This sucks because I can't really taste food as it is meant to be. I can only taste the overall taste not the detail taste of the food. The only thing that can "cure" the itch temporarily is by eating flu medicine that will knock me out like a bear hibernating during winter time. The side effects the medicine had on me is drowsiness, no matter how much I sleep the next day I will still feel the effects of the medicine.

To make this worse my back is also getting worse. Each time I sit or stand for more than 2 hours it will start to ache. This sucks because I can't concentrate fully on gaming or studying while long hours means more pain on my back. I can't do simple chores that require me to bend down (stop thinking elsewhere pervs!) for like more than 10 minutes. I just can't believe I had a bad back at this young age >_<>

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