Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Shall We "Feel Good" Now?

Our global trade had hit the magic trillion... so says our government. Then Reuters said its none other but a Putrajaya spin. So the government go all out to prove that this is no spin and they pump in money to the KLSE to make it hit the 1200 mark before the Chinese New Year. Some people are starting to feel good.

People are starting to believe in the KLSE for the first time since 9/11 and started to pump in money as well. Then our PM go all out to announce that the KLSE will hit the 1300 mark soon. The people buy it. Analyst said that the bull is real. Then shit happens. Right after the Chinese New Year the stock market like the rest of the World experience a sharp drop. The government tried to convince the people to have confidence in the KLSE. The PM had tried to reassure the people more than once. Frequently appeared in the headlines telling them our economy is still healthy. Even our Information Minister tried to "hint" the mainstream media not to "over-report" the market's crash.

Just today shit happens again. The stock market went south for another 2.8% (along with the rest of the world). True some analyst will blame it on the world economy from China to the US. True, I mean come on who are we kidding? Our stock market heavily rely on the world "superpowers". When shit happens to them shit happens to us. But here's my take on this whole situation. Do we measure our country's economy solely on the numbers of our stock exchange? Do we make people feel good by telling them our KLSE is doing well? What is there to feel good about when there some who still struggling to survive with only RM1 a day? Or some who are still hardly support their family due to the impact of the recent toll rise and last year's petrol hike?

So what gives the government to tell its people that they should feel good now? Should we feel good just for the sake of feeling good? Or should we feel good because we really felt the "goodness"?


-Princess Shin- said...

Oh dear.. I have no idea what you're talking about. =(

Justin Tan said...

Eh... its about how Malaysians are told that the economy is healthy again when in real life there's nothing good to feel about.