Friday, March 16, 2007


He said he never said anything about bloggers being liars especially about women bloggers. He even go as far as saying "I am here because of women". After nearly a week of silence he finally talked about it. Read full story here. So tell me, what is with all these misquotings these days?

Are reporters these days have problem with their hearing? Or the PA system's quality is so bad that the reporters can't get the full picture? Or government officials these days talk in a language so sophisticated that even reporters don't even know what he is talking about?

How I wish life is just like a "Pinocchio" story so that we are able to detect who have the longest nose. But then again even if life is like a "Pinocchio" story, I doubt The Scale will lose in the elections as Malaysians tend to be very forgiving.... sigh~


mob1900 said...

He is correct, He is 'There' because of the solidarity of women bloggers, lol!

Not a nice 'spot' to be in.

Lizzam said...

the Be Ass (BS) language that many politicians use IS considered as the most complex of all languages. since all words have numerous meanings, depending on the situation, and interests of the speaker.

"all bloggers are liars" and "of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8000 are women!" simply means "I am here because of women".

see how complex it is?

Justin Tan said...

mob: lol.. why didn't i think of that! never knew ku nan is so smart to say something that have 2 meanings hehe..

lizzam: Hmmm i dunno but i think this very high level language is only used by only Malaysian politicians because only in Malaysia can a politician speak gibberish and still get voted .