Friday, January 19, 2007

No one shall take away our rights to speak!

Just yesterday the NST decided to sue two of the most influential bloggers in the Malaysian Blogosphere, Jeff Ooi and Rocky's Bru. Click here for more details on the whole saga.

As a blogger and as a lover of democracy, I had decided to join in this protest against this stupid lawsuits which doesn't prove anything other than to soothe the egos of these dinosaurs. No one can ever take away our freedom of speech. No one other than God himself have the right to shut us up. Let us all stand together and defend our rights. Defend against this little "crusade" against us.

As a sign of supporting these two bloggers, I had paste a picture of Blogger's United by Kickdefella in my blog. Get those pictures here, if you want to show your support to these bloggers.

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