Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Stop abusing the power of the internet!!!

Sometimes I really think that most of the internet users I know are really naive. They tend to believe in rumours and spread it before even confirming the credibility of it. Just look at this message which had been circulating in my Yahoo! Messenger since yesterday:

"To All Emerald Park residents (girls): A rape case has happened in front of our EP front gate. She was with her bf, n a car stopped, pushed her bf down n took her into the car(full with boys). The guard only managed to shout at the moving car. Please be alert when walking on the street. Try to bring more frens when going out at night or even at day light. Please forward... to inform them of the danger"

This is really annoying, does anyone actually take the time to confirm this rumour before passing it around? What's worse there is no news in the newspaper about that. Such rumours only will cause unneccesary fear among the Emerald Park residents. Why can't people stop being so naive for once and stop believing in rumours that are not confirmed. To make matters even worse, there are another group of people trying to ruin their friend's reputation by posting this message:

"**censored** Bachelor of Information Technology(Honours)(Business Information System) beta year student"

After a short while another message starts circulating in Yahoo! Messenger:

"About the msg about **insert victim's name** is the suspect of the EP rape case is NOT TRUE!! HE JZ PLAY BY OTHERS, PLZ FORWARD, GOD BLESS HIM.........."

To those who tried to sabotage their friend's reputation, hope you guys burn in hell for what you guys did. It might started out as an innocent practical joke, but the damage had definitely had been done to your innocent friend. To those who started the first rumour and if it happened to be false, hope you guys burn in hell over and over again for inciting fear in every naive MMUians hearts!

So people, don't be so naive for once and please go confirm any rumours before you guys start spreading it around. Hopefully the next message circulating my Yahoo Messenger will not be like these:

  1. "Justin is gay! Pls fwd msg"
  2. "Justin is caught sexually harassing females and is caught yesterday by the security!"

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