Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Snoop squads? WTF?

As I was surfing around Jeffrey Ooi's blog, a great blogger by the way, I come upon this particular blog entry about how the Chief Minister of Melaka (which unfortunately also happens to be the UMNO vice-president), Ali Rustam, had launch a squad to, now listen carefully now (to make sure none of you guys miss what I am trying to say, yours truly had enlarge and bold the font for u guys), snoop on couples!!!!

So being the curious me, I click on the link that is provided in the blog entry and it linked me to one of The Sun's article here .
For those who are lazy to read the article that I have took the trouble to link, the article is about a discussion that will be scheduled to discuss about this snoop squad. So to get more details on this whole affair I do a quick search on The Sun's website and two search results caught my eye. One is an editorial by The Sun condemning the squad which is approved by the Vice-president of UMNO. What really caught my attention is this particular news article. It seems here that PAS opposes this movement. Yes people, you have heard it correct, PAS the party which is equivilant to Taliban in terms of religious beliefs had condemn this privacy-invading squad! I can't believe it, for once I actually agreed with PAS! You know that something is definitely not right with your decision when PAS is making perfect sense when opposing something endorse by the government.

As for me I think that the reason why Ali Rustam is trying to attract people's attention is maybe he wants to distract us from talking about his 1 million publicly funded around the world trip which have the word "corruption" written all over it. I wonder what's next in his "distract-the-people-from-talking-about-my-scandal" plot?

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