Monday, September 24, 2007

Of Cops and Priorities

In elsewhere in the World whenever a sick and disgusting murder like Nurin's case occur, the first thing the cops will do is catch that sick bastard and put him behind bars as soon as possible. Unfortunately for all of us, this is Malaysia. Where the cops main priority is to charge the victim's parents first and think about the murderer later.

If that's not enough you have other 3rd World Ministers endorsing which defies all logic. Just when you think that Ministers putting the blame on women for snatch thefts and rape cases is disgusting, this my dear Malaysians is a whole new fucking level of how low our government is willing to go to screw us all.

I guess we are so fucked that even Turkey declares that they do not want to be Malaysia. Syabas BN! Hmmm... guess I will place Turkey under my "places-to-runaway-to-in-case-Malaysia-is-seriously-screwed" list.

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